sani-sims4:♦ Vintage Apartment House ♦The idea of this…


♦ Vintage Apartment House

The idea of this house, to meet in each apartment a different vintage style and stylishly set up. There are a total of 3 apartments in this house and on the ground floor there is a bar and a photo studio. I liked it was a lot of fun and I hope you like it.


attic floor

Gold Rush Apartment

details: living room,
kitchen, dining room, office, bathroom & 2 x bedrooms

2. upper floor

Vintage Glamour Apartment


living & kitchen & dining


bathroom, bedrooms

& checkroom

♦ 1. upper floor – Vintage Pastel Glamour Apartment

details: living & kitchen & dining

room, 2 x bathroom, bedrooms & toddler room

ground floor – Bar & Photo Studio

details: bar,
hobby room, toilet, checkroom with vestibule & photo studio

Small Version – Vintage Apartment House

All apartments can be combined with the version.

Download in Gallery ♥ EA ID – Sani_Sims4


sani-sims4:♥Villa Selvadorada ♥finally finished, 3…


Villa Selvadorada

finally finished,
3 days built…
Unfortunately, I could not show everything, just let yourself be surprised… i love it.

  • 1 x large kitchen with several dining areas
  • 2 x large living areas

  • 6 x bedrooms
  • 9 x bathrooms
  • 2 x big corridors
  • 2 x wellness room

  • 1 x fitness room 
  • 1 x working space
  • 1 x playroom wit bar & wine supply

  • 1 x bar area
  • 1 x pool and covered whirlpool
  • 1 x Barbecue area in the garden

  • and plenty of space to relax.

Plot built in Selvadorada;
dimension 64×64

I hope you like it have a beautiful holiday

Download in Gallery ♥ EA ID – Sani_Sims4