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This is a preview of hair recolors by apolunesims (now chimaerae) for convenience of our followers, so you don’t have to trudge through a text post full of links. Full credit to chimaerae for the recolors, and simplesimmer for the meshes. All recolors are both in defaults and extras.

There’s a lot of hairs in this one so we were a bit strapped for space. Jo, Josie, Josephine, Sara, Sarah, And Serah hairs all have a braid crown at the front (marked “front” in images). Claire, Emma, Sophie, Julia, and Julie hairs all have a large fishtail braid at the back (marked “back” in images), although they are of differing lengths and styles.

Jo, Josie, and Josephine meshes
Recolors: Jo | Josie | Josephine

Sara, Sarah, and Sera meshes
Recolors: Sara | Sarah | Sera

Toddler hair meshes
Jo | Josie | Josephine
Sara | Sarah | Sera
Hannah V1 | Hannah V2 (without the strands near the ears)

Claire meshrecolor
Emma meshrecolor
Sophie meshrecolor
Emory meshrecolor
Julia meshrecolor
Julie meshrecolor


simlishface: And we’re back with some recolorsin @eversims​…


And we’re back with some recolors

in @eversims​ Ever So Lovely Palette! This time, it is this adorable ruffle dress from the Toddler Stuff pack. See more for the download link! 

Just some notes: 
– The Toddler Stuff Pack is required in order for these recolors to show up
– Custom Thumbnail 
– Easy to read file name
– I do not take credit for the palette I used, that is completely Eversims. 
– As usual, if there are any issues please let me know