kiruluvnst: ❝Random Poses N3❞ Step Andrew’s pose…


❝Random Poses N3❞

Step 1.
download Andrew’s pose player & Teleport Any Sim.
需要先下載 Andrew動作盒 Teleport Any Sim

Step 2.
put 1~5 Teleport Any Sims at the same place.
在同一個位置放1~5個Teleport Any Sims


Step 3.
click your sims and select “Pose”, then find:
Kiru – Random Poses N3
Kiru – Random Poses N3

☆ Pose3 be used with @yumiaplace‘s Ceiling Shelf For Stack
☆ Pose3 需搭配 @yumiaplace 的 Ceiling Shelf For Stack 使用

☆ Pose9 be used with

NynaeveDesign​‘s Desk Chair, @inabadromance’s Cintiq Pen Accessory and @haneco410​‘s Cigarette Acc01
☆ Pose9 需搭配 NynaeveDesign Desk Chair, @inabadromance Cintiq Pen Accessory 和 @haneco410 Cigarette Acc01

☆ Don’t use Height Slider!!!!!!!!!!
☆ 請勿使用身高拉桿!!!!!!!!!!

◆ If you use my poses to take photos please tag kiruluvnst
◆ 如果有使用我的poses拍照,歡迎標註 kiruluvnst

◆ Please do not re-upload, sale, edit, recolor without ask or claim as your own.
◆ 請勿重新上傳、打包、販賣、修改、未經詢問擅自改色或佔有此作品

◆ Thanks to all the cc creators.
◆ 感謝所有cc製作者

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katverse: StarVerse Modeling Poses Here are some very special…


StarVerse Modeling Poses

Here are some very special Modeling poses for you all. ♡

Poses are made in collaboration with my friend Stxrcxnt. She made 5 poses and I did 5, so there are 10 poses total! I know, I’m a math genius. 🤓

  • The Sims 4 Pose
  • 10 poses total
    (5 of them are made by me and
    5 are made by Stxrcxnt)

you’ll need:

Download poses: here

Be sure to check out @stxrcxnt . She has a dark and sassy fantasy story on her Tumblr which I really like. ♡

Stxrcxnt’s Tumblr, Twitter, Youtube