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After a year and a half in the making, TheKixg Starter Save has finally launched!

TheKixg Starter Save all started mid 2017. It’s designed to keep the original style and feel of the default save file, but at the same time adding in more things for your Sims to do. Each world contains vibrant neighborhoods, such as Courtyard Lane, Willow Creeks’ family suburbia and Bedrock Strait, Oasis Springs’ dried up poverty desert.

Main Features:

– New lots for your Sims to enjoy.

– Every lot/townie in the game has been slightly modified.

– Every unoccupied residential lot is unfurnished to make the moving in process much more realistic.

– Every residential lot has a proper address name.

– There are no empty/bulldozed lots in any world, besides Newcrest.

– Mrs. CrumpleBottom

*TheKixg Starter Save will be updated every time a new pack releases.*

Upcoming Features:

– Thermostats built in every residential lot.

– Newcrest Finished.

How To Install:

Download the file below, unzip, add the file to your saves folder. Once done, open your game, select load game, & select TheKixg Starter Save (V1.0).

*Keep in mind, EVERY PACK was used to make this save file. If you do not own every pack, you can still install this save file, but you will not get the most out of it!*


TheKixg Starter Save (V1.0) – http://bit.ly/2LAkhse