newcresting: Even though the endless summer just ended, summer…


Even though the endless summer just ended, summer is all I have in mind. And this dress by @ridgeport is G O R G E O U S. I would wear this in real life. But it’s summer, and I felt like I needed some pastels. I can’t get enough of pastels, apparantly. So YEAH. Have this.

This is just the short dress, since that one is the one I like the most, but I miiiiight make recolors for the other items in the set as well. Not sure yet. Depends.

You need the mesh!!! Get it HERE

  • Teen-Elder
  • 14 bright pastel colors + a dark grey bc I needed a 15th swatch lol
  • custom thumbnail as always
  • enabled for hot weather
  • enabled for aliens and vampires

DOWNLOAD (simfileshare)

itasan2: Get To College Mod V2 (updated by…


Get To College Mod V2 (updated by itasan2)

In celebration of Seasons Expansion Pack, I’ve updated the mod again!! Enjoy your college life in the Seasons!!
The version 2.2 released! (June 24, 2018)

The mod is compatible with the latest patch of June 19, 2018 (PC Version ans Seasons Expansion Pack.

Changes in Version 2.2:
1. Hot Fix #2 for Seasons Patch
An error occurred when using an easel but now it works properly.

Changes in Version 2.1:
1. Hot Fix for Seasons Patch
The system error happened when a student sim travels during the Holiday, which is a new feature of Seasons EP. Now it works properly.

Changes in Version 2.0:
1. Easy-To-Use All In One File Structure
Some files of the previous versions had to be downloaded from the other sites and they were a little confusing. Now they are all reconstructed. You just download here this site. No need for other mods any more.

2. The Length of School Term
The length of school term was 20 days. Now you can chose 5, 10, 15 or 20 school days.

3. The Start Level of College Student
The start level of college student was GPA3.0. Now it is affected by the final level of high school. GPA4.0 for high school grade A, GPA3.0 for grade B and C, GPA2.0 for grade D and F. If a sim started with YA or older, it is GPA3.0 as an exception.

4. University LOT in Brindleton Bay
You can build a university LOT in Brindleton Bay.


Spanish and Portuguese Translations
The mod includes new two translations – Spanish thanks to


, Portuguese language thanks to

anapaulasantos87 .

I like GetToCollegeMod very much. I heard the original creator “simmythesim” retired from modding this mod but I didn’t want the mod outdated yet. So I updated the mod for December 2015’s patch at first. Now, my updated mod works fine with the latest patch …

Mod Description:
The mod introduces a college system to the game. After your sim becomes a Young Adult or older, the sim can go to the university using EA’s active career mechanism (Get To Work Expansion Pack) as well as Zerbu’s GoToSchoolMod which is for children and teens. The original description of simmythesim is on Mod The Sims site.

A student sim can chose a major from three majors – Music, Fine Arts and 

Physical Education.

Schedule For University:
Sunday … Holiday
Monday … Activity Day
Tuesday … Lecture Day
Wednesday … Activity Day
Thursday … Lecture Day
Friday … Presentation Day
Saturday … Holiday

The First Day … The student sims get to know their classmates.

Activity Days …  The student sims do things that train them for the real world – Working out for Physical Education, painting / woodworking for Fine Arts, and playing instruments for Music.

Lecture Days …  The student sims learn from their hopefully awesome professor. Goals for these day involve Watching the Lecture and Asking Questions. For

Watching the Lecture, you should click on the Podium (for GetToCollegeMod), then select “Watch” interaction. For Asking Questions. you should click on another sim, then select “Ask Questions“ interaction in Friendly category.

Presentation Day … The student sims give their presentation to their class. If your sim doesn’t study for the presentation day, he or she will lose a lot of performance, likewise, if your sim studies before it, they’ll get a huge boost to their grade. For giving your presentation, you should click on the Podium (for GetToCollegeMod), then select “Give Presentation“ interaction.

Graduation Day … This is the last day, say your goodbyes to your friends and enemies on this day. After this your sim gets their qualifications to start at level 4 of their dream job – Entertainer Career and Business Career for Music major, Painter Career and Business Career for Fine Arts major, Athletic Career and Business Career for

Physical Education major. This takes place on Day 20 (default), which can be change to Day 5, 10 or 15 by the mod option file. You have to talk with a sim before saying your goodbye to the sim.

If you want to see how many days your student sim went to college so far, use my Show/Search Sim Info Mod, which shows “active / all days worked” on the Career Info dialog. Technically, your student sim can graduate after all days worked is 19 (the length of school term minus one) or greater. So your student sim can go to the rabbit hole until all days worked is 19 but at least the sim have to go to the University LOT after that to graduate and get a hidden graduation trait.

Tip From simmythesim:

One of the most important things to do in University is to study. To actually study, purchase the “University Supplies” from the Bookshelf or the Build Catalog and study to your heart’s content! Warning: Like real life, studying takes a loong time, and takes about – I think four hours, so your sim will have many sleepless nights in their quest for the highest grade! If they don’t study, even if they perform well in their tasks at the University, they’ll get worse and worse grades.So please, make your sims study!

Installation, Update and Uninstallation:
To install, unzip the downloaded file to your mods folder (see the screenshot) and chose the length of school term from “Options“ folder – the unchosen option files must be removed. The detail of each file is described at File Structure section. The mod needs The Sims 4 Get To Work Expansion Pack.

To update, delete the old mod files and 2 cache files (The Sims 4/localthumbcache.package and The Sims 4/cachestr/spotlight_xx-xx.package), then unzip the downloaded file to your mods folder.

To uninstall, just delete the mod files and 2 cache files (The Sims 4/localthumbcache.package and The Sims 4/cachestr/spotlight_xx-xx.package). You can continue to play your sims after deleting the mod.

File Structure:
1. Ita_GetToCollegeV2.x.package
2. Ita_GetToCollegeV2.x.ts4script
3. Ita_GetToCollegeV2.x_CareerStartLevelModifiers.package
The file can conflict with other Career Tuning mods. To avoid the conflict, you should use the file ONLY when a graduated sim gets a new job. Or just remove the file – in that case, you can’t get a career advantage when getting a new job.
4. Ita_GetToCollegeV2.x_VenueList.package
The file includes the latest version of Zerbu’s Add New Venues to Build Buy.package. So you should remove Zerbu’s Add New Venues to Build Buy.package to avoid the conflict.
5. Ita_GetToCollegeV2.x_#SchoolDays.package (in Options folder)
You should use ONLY one file from the option files in the Option folder to decide the length of school term.

Q. If you use older (original or version 1.x) Get To College Mod?
No Problem. Just delete the old mod files. You can continue to play your college student sims with the current university lots.

Q. If you use Go To School Mod?
No problem. You can use both mods at the same time but you have to remove “Zerbu – Add New Venues to Build Buy.package”, which is included “Venue Changes”.

Q. If you use Turbo Career Mod?
“Ita_GetToCollegeV2.0_CareerStartLevelModifiers.package” conflicts with “Zerbu – Turbo Careers Mod Pack – Career Overrides.package”. So you have to remove both files and use this file instead. 

Q. If you use Zerbu’s Venue Changes?
No problem. Just remove “Zerbu – Add New Venues to Build Buy.package”, which is included in Ita_GetToCollegeV2.0_VenueList.package

University LOT Requirements:
You can build the university in any world. There are three university LOT type – 

Music Building, Fine Arts Building and Physical Education Building. To select a custom LOT type, build or download the university, quit the Build mode, re-enter Build mode and change the LOT type. At least, you have to select a university LOT type for your student sim’s major. You can also build plural same major buildings like two Music Buildings. In that case, you student sim will

randomly  select from those universities every day.
1. Requirements for all majors
A “Podium for GetToCollegeMod” (included in the mod) and a classroom.
Bathroom for your sims bladders.
A cafeteria.

Requirements for Music Building 
At least 11 instruments.

Requirements for Fine Arts Building
At least 11 easels, preferably only one woodworking table.
Art to view and critique.

Requirements for Physical Education Building
At least 9 workout equipment and a swimming pool.

Sample University Lot:

If you want to use a sample LOT, please use my Newcrest University (NoCC). To use this LOT, replace the microphone in the church with the podium which is include in the mod. 

The mod version 2.2 can be downloaded from here (my Dropbox site).
Thank you.

For Japanese speakers:


当MODは、2018/6/19配信パッチ(PC Version環境およびシーズンズ拡張パックでの正常動作確認済みです。

1. シーズンズパッチ対応ホットフィックス#2

1. シーズンズパッチ対応ホットフィックス

1. 使いやすいオールインワンのファイル構成

2. 大学在学期間

3. 大学生レベル

4. Brindleton Bay大学
Brindleten Bayにも大学を建築できるようになりました。

5. スペイン語とポルトガル語の翻訳




大学生シムは次の3つから自分の専攻を選択できます – Music(音楽), Fine Arts(美術) and Physical Education(体育).

日曜日 … 休日
月曜日 … アクティビティーの日
火曜日 … 講義の日
水曜日 … アクティビティーの日
木曜日 … 講義の日
金曜日 … プレゼンテーションの日
土曜日 … 休日

The First Day (初日) … 学生シムはクラスメイトたちと知り合います。

Activity Days (アクティビティーの日) …  学生シムはトレーニングします –

Physical Education専攻なら運動を、Fine Arts専攻なら絵を描いたり木工を、Music専攻なら楽器演奏をします。

Lecture Days (講義の日) …  学生シムは優秀な教授から専攻してる学問を学びます。講義を聞いたり質問したりします。 講義を聞くには教壇(Podium for GetToCollegeMod)をクリック後、「見る」というインターラクションを選択します。 質問をするには質問したいシムをクリック後、(フレンドリーカテゴリーにある)「Ask Question」というインターラクションを選択します。

Presentation Day (プレゼンテーションの日) … 学生シムはクラスでプレゼンテーションを行います。プレゼンテーション前にしっかり勉強してないと、成績が大きくダウンします。反対に、しっかり勉強していれば、いい成績が取れてグレードがアップする事もあるでしょう。プレゼンテーションを行うには、教壇(Podium for GetToCollegeMod)をクリック後、「Give Presentation」というインターラクションを選択します。

Graduation Day (卒業の日) … キャンパスライフ最終日です。友人そしてライバルにもお別れをしましょう。卒業後は就職する際、キャリアレベル4から開始できます – Music卒業ならエンターテイナーキャリアとビジネスキャリア、Fine Arts卒業ならペインターキャリアとビジネスキャリア、Physical Education卒業ならアスリートキャリアとビジネスキャリアでこの恩恵が得られます。なお、卒業までには20日間の在学が必要ですが、当MODのオプションファイルによって5、10、15日間に変更する事も可能です。あと、クラスメイトに別れを告げるには、一度彼らと話を始める必要があります。

学生シムが今何日間在学しているかを知りたいなら、私の Show/Search Sim Info Mod を利用するといいでしょう。キャリア情報ダイアログの「アクティブ/総勤務日数」で確認できます。厳密に言うと、総勤務日数が19(設定した在学期間-1)以上になった際に学生シムは卒業可能となります。総勤務日数が19になるまで毎日ラビットホールを選択する事も可能ですが、大学を卒業して卒業の隠し特質をゲットするには、それ以降に(卒業の日に)必ず大学へ赴く事が必要です。

大学で行うことで最も重要な事は勉強です。勉強するには、「University Supplies(大学教材)」を本棚または建築モードから購入して真剣に学びましょう。注意:リアル同様、勉強にはとても時間がかかります(約4シム時間)。好成績を目指すには、睡眠不足になるかもしれません。もし、勉強を怠ると、たとえ大学内でうまく振る舞えたとしても成績はどんどん悪化するでしょう。ですから、学生シムにはきちんと勉強させましょう!

インストールするには、ダウンロードしたファイルをModsフォルダへ解凍(スクリーンショット参照)した後、「Options」フォルダから大学在学期間を選択します。選択しなかったオプションファイルは必ず削除して下さい。詳細はファイル構成セクションで解説しています。なお、当MODはシムズ4 Get To Work拡張パックを必要とします。

アップデートするには、古いMODファイルと2つのキャッシュファイル(The Sims 4/localthumbcache.package と The Sims 4/cachestr/spotlight_xx-xx.package)を削除した後、ダウンロードしたファイルをModsフォルダへ解凍します。

アンインストールするには、MODファイルと2つのキャッシュファイル(The Sims 4/localthumbcache.package と The Sims 4/cachestr/spotlight_xx-xx.package)を削除します。当MOD削除後も普通に継続してプレイできます。

1. Ita_GetToCollegeV2.x.package
2. Ita_GetToCollegeV2.x.ts4script
3. Ita_GetToCollegeV2.x_CareerStartLevelModifiers.package
このファイルは他のCareer Tuning modとコンフリクトを起こす可能性があります。それを避けるには、卒業した(元)大学生シムが就職する時のみ、このファイルを利用するようにします。あるいは、このファイルを削除して下さい。もちろん、その場合、就職時のアドバンテージは無くなりますが。
4. Ita_GetToCollegeV2.x_VenueList.package
このファイルは最新版のAdd New Venues to Build Buy.package(Zerbuさん作)の内容が含まれています.コンフリクトを避けるため、Add New Venues to Build Buy.packageは削除して下さい。
5. Ita_GetToCollegeV2.x_#SchoolDays.package (Optionsフォルダ内)

Q. Get To College Modのオリジナル版またはバージョン1.xを利用してる場合は?

Q. Go To School Modを利用してる場合は?
問題ありません。両MODを同時使用可能です。ただ、“Venue Changes”に含まれてる“Zerbu – Add New Venues to Build Buy.package”は削除して下さい。

Q. Turbo Career Modを利用してる場合は?
“Ita_GetToCollegeV2.0_CareerStartLevelModifiers.package”と“Zerbu – Turbo Careers Mod Pack – Career Overrides.package”はコンフリクトを起こすので、両ファイルを削除して、代わりにこのファイルを使って下さい。

Q. ZerbuさんのVenue Changesを利用してる場合は?
問題ありません。“Zerbu – Add New Venues to Build Buy.package”を削除して下さい。Ita_GetToCollegeV2.0_VenueList.packageの中に同じ内容が含まれていますので。

どのワールド(Granite Falls含む)にも大学を建築可能です。大学区間には専攻に対応した次の3つの区画タイプがあります - Music Building (音楽専攻キャンパス), Fine Arts Building


and Physical Education Building (体育専攻キャンパス)カスタム区画タイプを選択するには、大学を建築またはダウンロードして、建築モードを終わらせて、再び建築モードに入って各専攻に対応した区画タイプを選択します。少なくとも、あなたが操作する学生シムの専攻に対応した大学区画が1つ必要とします。同じ区画タイプの大学を複数設置する事も可能です(2つのMusic Buildingsなど)。その場合、学生シムは毎日ランダムでどちらかの大学に通学する事になります。
1. 全大学区画タイプに必要なもの
教壇(Podium for GetToCollegeMod)(当MODに含まれています)と講義室。
2. Music Buildingに必要なもの 
3. Arts Buildingに必要なもの
4. Physical Education Buildingに必要なもの

もし、サンプルを使いたいなら、公式Galleryにある私の Newcrest University (NoCC)を使って下さい。なお、この区画を使うには、講義室(教会みたいな建物)内にあるスタンドマイクを教壇(Podium for GetToCollegeMod)に置き換えてから使用して下さい。


chocooosims:❆ PIAF TANK ❆Really simple cc that I share…



Really simple cc that I share with you! It was an EA romper that I’ve made into a tank! 

So credits goes to EA.  Hope you like it!  ♡ ♡

  • maxi match (16 EA swatches from

    The Sims 4 Seasons Expansion Pack


  • teen to elder female only
  • base game compatible (should be, if not contact me)
  • feel free to recolour but please don’t include the mesh and give credits!

DOWNLOAD (simfileshare)

tag me if you use any of my creations, i would love to see them in your game.

aklsimmer:Eco-Friendly Apartment (Apartment Download + Speed…


Eco-Friendly Apartment (Apartment Download + Speed build)

  • 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom
  • $50,548
  • Placed in 920 Medina Studios
  • Please use the cheat “bb.moveobjects on” before you place this apartment
  • Download HERE
  • Gallery ID: aklsimmer


  • Don’t claim it as your own
  • Don’t reupload
  • If you use it in your own screenshots, feel free to @ me, I’d love to see people using my builds in their game!

Watch the speed build HERE

savaraspixels: Smol Wooden Cottage (CC Free) Smol Wooden Cottage…


Smol Wooden Cottage (CC Free)

Smol Wooden Cottage will keep you warm throughout the snowy winter months and cool in the heated waves of summer. If you use your thermostat that is! Watch out for splinters.

Home Info:

  • § 67,160
  • Lot size: 20×20
  • Lot location: Cottage Am See in Windenburg
  • 1 bed 1.5 bath

Turn on the MOO cheat before placing this lot.

OriginID: Savara08 | Dropbox 

or search for #savaraspixels in the Gallery.

Feel free to tag if you use this in your game. Happy Simming!

pinealexple: Kali Top / BGC / 15 Swatches This top was inspired…


Kali Top / BGC / 15 Swatches

This top was inspired by something I saw Kali Uchis wear when I was saving her to my Kali Uchis stan pinterest board so enjoy!!!! It was denim but like sis don’t have enough talent for hemming and re-texturing. ENJOYYY

It comes in a Sleeveless V1 and a Sleeved V2.

5 patterned floral swatches not pictured, look at it here

  • Custom Thumbnails for V1 and V2 
  • Custom LODs
  • Custom Shadowmap
  • Unedited Pics Here
  • Tagged for Hot Weather

Download SFS              PSD 

I also added a floral design template matching the original one in seasons to my PSD if anyone wants to recolor the shirt with designs. 

simplymoonlix: Clover Hair [Follower’s Gift Part 1/3] 20…


Clover Hair [Follower’s Gift Part 1/3]

  • 20 swatches;
  • Color Actions @pooklet @WildlyMinatureSandwhich
  • HQ mod compatible;
  • Smooth weighting;
  • Not Hat Compatible;
  • All LOD’s;
  • Some Transparency Issues

Mesh “included” – Mashup Of Cazy Haley and Leah Lillith Nyane – All mesh credits goes to Cazy and Leah Lillith (The original hairs are linked so you can download and support the original creators, without them this work wouldn’t have been possible! );

@sssvitlans @theblacksimmer @xmiramira