Market Vendor Job Event by kawaiistacie (Sims 4)This mod allows…

Market Vendor Job Event by kawaiistacie (Sims 4)

This mod allows your sims to become a market vendor!
Requires: City Living
Patch:  PC Mac

Quick Q&A
What are regular customers:
Like I stated before regular customers are not required. I created this option just in-case you wanted guaranteed customers or for users that want to create a restaurant lot using this event.
How could you create a restaurant using this mod?
Build a lot and put down a stall. You can use the bb.showhiddenobjects cheat to find the stalls if they are hidden. Once you put down a stall you can use your phone to plan the social event and use the “regular customer” option to bring in customers.
How to work in San Myshuno?
If a stall is available use your phone and start the event and then tend the stall. If you have MC Command center you can make a vendor leave and take their place but hurry before the game hires a new one. If the game has hired a vendor before you could tend the stall then your sim will do the “I cant do it” animation.
Can I do this event without regular customers?
I know this is getting repetitive but i’m trying to avoid people getting confused. You can do this even without choosing any regular customers because stalls are on PUBLIC lots. If you want to do the even on a private (residential) lot then you will need to use the regular customers option.
How can I work at ANY stall?
Whatever place you loaded to be able to reach that vendor stall is the place that you will select when you want to start the event.

Important Gameplay Info
How to start:
Use your sims phone and go to plan a social event. You will have an option to choose “regular customers” they are NOT required.
How to get regular customers:
Regular customers are sims that you have met. So if your vendor stall is on a public lot and you want certain sims as your regular customers all you have to do is say hi and next time you start the event they will be available.
How to get tips:
You get tips with and without asking. You will see random small amounts of money showing up on your screen as you play. The random amounts of money are literally from the customers! If you want more money you can simply just ask the customers yourself for a tip.

What do the interactions do:
You must be careful using some of the interactions because they CAN kill sims. Do you really want to be a murderer? The social interactions may disappear when there is only 2-3 hours left of the event.

  • Announce sale items – This makes the sim yell out items on sale.
  • Relax – This basically makes the sim stand still…fun!
  • Brag about food – This makes the sim yell out again except this time about how delicious the food is!
  • Talk about the menu – This makes the poor victim hungry (literally brings down the hunger motive) because your talking about the delicious food. If the sim however doesn’t fall for it then it will not make them hungry.

The moment you have been waiting for…how much does this gig pay!
Goaled Event
Bronze: 50-100
Silver: 150-200
Gold: 250-300
Un-Goaled Event
Payment: Based on tips

sssvitlans: !PATCH! 100+ Traits Unlocked for CAS – ATICAS by…


!PATCH! 100+ Traits Unlocked for CAS – ATICAS by tucatuc (Sims 4)

This mod unlocks many many traits, which are not available in Create a Sim:

  •    Aspiration points reward traits
  •    Aspiration bonus traits
  •    Complete aspiration reward traits
  •    Career traits
  •    City Living food traits
  •    Parenthood character value reward traits
  •    Toddlers’ and children’s reward traits

105 of these can be found [easier] with this mod !

There are three things you should take into consideration:

1. There are different types of packages in this mod
   Aspiration – This package unhides traits earned by completing aspirations
   BaseMod – This mod makes the traits that are already available in the game so that they can conflict (And what I mean is that traits already conflict, for example a sim can’t have Romantic and Unflirty traits at the same time. This package just makes the rest of the traits compatible with this system)
   Bonus – This package unhides traits earned when choosing the first aspiration when creating a sim
   Hidden – This package unhides Doctors’ and Critics’ hidden traits and Chopstick and Spicy food hidden traits
   ParenthoodCharacterValues – This package unhides traits earned by children and teens when Parenthood is installed
   RewardStore – This package unhides traits available to buy with aspiration points (these traits from the menu where you can also buy potions)
   ToddlersAndChildrenRewards – This package unhides traits earned by completing Toddlers’ skills at level 3 or 5 and mastering Childrens’ skills

2. You need to choose packages corresponding to the expansion you own, otherwise blank spaces will appear instead of these traits
To do this every package was marked with an expansion code. To make it easy, here’s the list of them and what expansion they represent:
   BG – Base Game
   EP01 – Get to Work
   EP02 – Get Together
   EP03 – City Living
   EP04 – Cats and Dogs
   EP05 – Seasons
   GP01 – Outdoor Retreat
   GP04 – Vampires
   GP05 – Parenthood
   GP06 – Jungle Adventure

3. You have to choose between the Standard Version and No Conflicts Version. No Conflicts erases all inter-trait conflicts, so that you can choose any traits you want to and there will be no problem at all (I mean the game can have bugs, because it’s not expecting this, but that’s nearly unavoidable). The Standard version contains all the [mostly] essential conflicts between traits